15″ x 7″ (4×156 Bolt Pattern)(Backspace: 5.5″) Compression Beadlock UTV Wheel by Icon Alloys


Size: 15″ x 7″

Bolt Pattern: 4×156

Backspace: 5.5″

Offset: 38mm

Weight: 26 lbs

Load: 1600lbs

Finish: Bronze Matte, Satin Black, Titanium Matte

ICON Alloys is excited to announce the arrival of our first wheel design to hit the powersports market, the UTV-Spec ‘Compression’. Combining sharp lines, concave spoke design, a true beadlock, and “ICON-optimized” dimensions, this new wheel is designed not only to improve the looks of your SxS, but the overall function as well. Featuring black beadlock bolts, the Compression has a style that is anything but ordinary.

The UTV-Spec Compression features a knurled beadlock ring (with Grade 10.9 hardware) to provide excellent tire retention and a ribbed inner mating surface for a proper seal. In an effort to avoid potential trail damage the valve stem is placed between the spokes for outstanding protection. Backspace and wheel offset dimensions have been strategically developed to optimize wheel position, improving all-around handling and performance. The ICON Alloys Compression has also been strength tested to yield a 1,600lb load rating – making it one of the strongest wheel options on the market! With build features such as these, it’s clear that a set of ICON Alloys Compression wheels is the perfect choice for your UTV.

The part number for this wheel is Icon 5015705655BR


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